Woman’s World by Graham Rawle

Before starting university, I was given a list of books to purchases that would help me during the course. The majority of these were illustration-related yet some were fictional that [I presume] were included to develop our understanding of how narrative is implemented and perceived. Anyway, one book included on this list was Woman’s World by Graham Rawle. Due to a multitude of reasons (excuses), I have only just got round to looking at this book (a mere five years later).. Due to a multitude of reasons (excuses), I have only just got round to looking at this book (a mere five years later).

This book is fantastic on many levels. Visually, it is beautiful with the unique collaged text created through hundreds of words meticulously cut-out from woman’s 50's magazine articles. This typography plays an imperative role in the book, not only emulating the period and context of the novel, but it also looks fantastic whilst also giving each page a unique aesthetic appeal.

It’s difficult to talk about the storyline without being labelled ‘a huge spoiler’. But to comment upon the 
general themes that resonated with me, I feel that despite the 1950s setting of the novel I found that the plot and characters echo today’s society. Mainly, how the media portrays women in how it emphasises the way they should act and look. In relation to this, the book also reflects how people in the twenty-first century are still unaccepting of sexual lifestyles. The impact of how women are portrayed and expected to look and act is presented within the book through the protagonist who falls victim to post-traumatic mental health issues

I would recommend this book to all, not only as an interesting and thrilling read but also through the main themes and subsequent questions indirectly posed by Graham Rawle. I would love to hear some of your own comments on the book, especially if any of these mentioned themes resonated with you.

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