Five things I would like my younger self to know.

Drawing/being creative  - I have always drawn but since leaving university, I have found it difficult to carry on drawing even though this is something that makes me truly happy. The reasons for this are at times  practical: lack of time, lack of energy, too much scrolling through cat pictures/instagram posts; but I feel that the main reason for my creative impotus is fearing how other people view and respond to my work. So, what I would tell my younger self is: do not be afraid of seeking affirmation from others with my creative output, but also more generally (and deeply...) in whatever you do. 

Be 'physically' social rather than 'digitally' social - I feel that this is a realisation that many young people in modern society will eventually hold. When I was young, the amount of arguments and animosity between myself and friends that were caused from social network sites was staggering (i.e. Why am I not in your top friends in MySpace? Why have you not liked that picture? Why are you friends with them? etc. etc. etc...). Since getting older, most of these issues have diminished as adolescence has gone and faded, but what I have realised is that social networking sites make me less social. The ease of instant messaging friends is apparent, yet the satisfaction of this is limited; I would tell my younger self, ignore social networking sites, go out and be more social.

Eating healthy - I for one, like most young people, absolutely buzzed off eating rubbish as a kid. Whether it be some ridiculously illuminated sweet or a 100% sugar drink, but something that I would like to explain to my younger self is the benefits of eating and drinking healthier things. Now I have reached a quarter century (100/4  = 25; good maths ay!), the change in my general attitude and energy from drinking green tea and eating fruit as a main part of my diet is so evident. I know that eating what you want is something that young people are constantly told, but I feel that changing what you eat really has a fantastic impact on your life. Have a look at my previous post about giving blood, this experience has given me even more reason to want to eat healthy

Love - Most young people take this for granted. Romantic love for one; something young people constantly try to attain, without really knowing what 'love' is. This is obviously something that changes as we grow, but what I would like to tell my younger self is, cherish the love that you have with friends and family, as this is the love that truly matters and remains when you are going through those awkward periods of adolescence.

Happiness - When we get older, the things that make us happy change. As a young'n, most people seek material things during the pursuit of happiness. I recall being a kid and really wanting a pair of shit-awful Rockport boots and getting properly gutted/moody/teenagery when my mum didn't get me a pair. Looking back, I know this is ridiculous but I would like to tell my younger self: seek happiness in things that make you happy that you know will make you happy far into the future.

I am now off to spend my birthday lazing about the house and getting waited on hand and foot. #Birthdaygirl

what would you tell your younger self?


  1. I hope you had a really good birthday! Such a nice post :)


  2. lovely pictures !

  3. Have a brilliant day! :)
    I'd tell my younger self not to worry as much :)
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  4. I love this post! Me & my friends had so many arguments over MySpace and Bebo, it was so ridiculous! (Bebo was the worst!)

    I think I'd tell my younger self to stop plucking the living crap out of my eyebrows, and quit using my mother's iron to straighten my hair in the mornings - she eventually bought me some GHDs haha.