No bloody way...

One of my New Year's resolutions was to give blood and this has been one of the most difficult resolutions to fulfill so far. You would think that the process of giving blood is quite straight forward, with little impeding someone taking your blood: blood is blood, right?!

Last month, I visited a walk-in centre to give blood, however due to obtaining a general lack of sense (at times, most of the time...) I didn't realise you have to book an appointment prior to visiting the centre. So, me and my body full of blood (5 litres for the average person) shuffled home to book an appointment.

This week I went to my local sports centre to try again. Unforunately, after being prodded in the arm and finger with a needle, I was told that my blood had a slight iron deficiency and therefore they couldn't take blood. My haemoglobin count was 117g/l and the required count to give blood is 125g/l. I was handed an NHS leaflet on 'Haemoglobin and Iron - Donor Information' and told to come back in three months, when hopefully (special diet permitting) my iron count will have increased.

If anyone has given blood and been told something similar I would really appreciate any tips. Or has anyone ever had to have a special diet high in iron? Any help would be appreciated! Top tip: vitamin C helps the body absorb iron.

Third time will be a charm. </3 #foreverfullofblood :(

With Love From The Moon,


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