New year resolutions

Christmas and the new year come in such a flurry, I can't believe it's 2015 already. So whilst suffering from a NYE hangover, I have decided to get my life in order. So here's my New Year resolutions:
Pay overdraft off by September
After finishing university in 2013, this is long overdue. I have give myself till September to do this and I will be using moneysavingexspert for Tips and help. Being in debt is not the way to start the year and 100% not how I want to end it. 
Go to Iceland.
I have been wanting to go to Iceland for ages now. So why not do it this year! I'm hoping to see the Northern Lights and also would like to see Bjork's house and some general sightseeing.
Start driving lessons.
Again this is long overdue. Since the age of 18 I've been saying I will do this but going to uni and having no money has always stood in the way. Lessons are so expensive. I am planing on using a local instructor (the same one my sister used) as I think it's important to use independent services.
Eat more fruit and veg.
I have been trying to eat more fruit and veg for the past two years but I could still do better. I recently found out I love avocados and blueberries.
Pinterest has some great recipes. Have a look at my boards for some inspiration of your own
Apply for creative jobs.
This has been an on going thing for the past year and a half now..
Some sites I have been using are:
Also printandpattern has been a good source.
Give blood
Because I want to (cue that horrific Billie Piper song!).
If you want to Give blood you can find out when the next session is near you.

What are your New Year resolutions? I love knowing what other people think up. Curb eating habits?  Give up smoking? Or spending more time with cats? Let me know!

With Love From The Moon,


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