The Pursuit of Happiness - Waving

As I have got older, I have become more and more interested in my pursuit of happiness. This is a quite profound and poetic start to a blogpost [a far cry from Kim's lonely eyebrows] but I feel that the attainment of being happy is generally the consensus for mankind as we grow. This quest has taken many forms; from what I want to achieve in life, to who I want around me, and the more difficult provoking questions: what do I want for dinner?

This feeling became evident with a simple act of recognition from my best friend's fiancée. Let me set the scene: an atypical day of work, trudging away, clock watching, when the person mentioned above walked passed the window and waved. This simple action that has been natural to our species for centuries, really took me by surprise and for a few seconds I lost control over my hands and returned a very weak crooked wave.

After this brief encounter, my day became instantly brighter, just from such a simple act as waving your hand at someone. It also made me realise that waving was not something I normally do. In the digital age we live in, social networking and having a smart phone stapled to your hand means we take the more simple and normal actions for granted. Why wave when you can send a snapchat to your mate of your quinoa dinner?

Wave at someone, they will wave back [I promise you this is my own quote, although it may sound like it came from Socrates or some other old Greek bloke]. But seriously, we all live in a society in which we are constantly in a rush to somewhere or something and having brief conversations with people is not possible, but waving your hand at someone can definitely fit into our hectic schedules.

Try it out, it will make your day and hopefully, make someone else's.

P.s If you are unfamiliar with this archaic form of communication, please watch this short clip. 


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